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A few ideas on EdTech, from A16z’s podcast

A16z just had a podcast on EdTech, which I think is quite helpful to those of us who are interested in this space.

Here’s the link to the audio.
(Below the audio, you’d also see the transcript, if you’d rather read than listening.)

Below are some interesting points I found from the podcast that can be the seeds for startups ideas:

  • “So why don’t we have more education that is actually new content, new curriculum, that the public school system is not covering?”
  • “And maybe there’s not enough money to be made in it, but it would just be an incredible benefit to society if we could have innovative content creators pair with people who have content expertise and create stuff that really spoke to people”
  • “The same kindergartener is learning about how plants grow in one school and learning about it in a slightly different way in another school. But why aren’t those teachers having better collaboration tools so they can share tips and learnings and content and the best YouTube videos on the topic that they found?”
  • “I mean, I think if nothing else, the one thing you don’t get online is serendipity.”
  • “And I think that the ones that you see achieving success and will continue to be successful are the ones that a) offer something specific that people are looking for. They know what they want and they’re going for it. And b) they sort of run assuming that the people who enroll in them have as set of basic, whatever you want to call them, 21st century skills. They’re good problem solvers. They’re self-starters. They understand how to work in a team. They can think abstractly, etc. […] the really core important skills that education is teaching.

(Ref: Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels)

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