Hi, I’m Peter. My Vietnamese name is Hung.

I’m an avid learner and reader. My main reading topics are those related to technology, education, psychology/personal dev/philosophy and business.

As I read widely, I know a bit of here and there from different areas. I’m especially fond of making connections among ideas and concepts that come from different fields.


I have more than 13 years of professional experience in software, of which about 8+ years are in the education industry.

My software stack simply surrounds Python for backend and Javascript for frontend. In the past few years, I’ve been picking up Deep Learning for NLP using Pytorch & Huggingface. You can read this post about a simple finetuning project that I’ve done.

Some education projects that I’ve contributed to include Luyện thi PRO,  Tiếng Anh Mỗi Ngày, etc.

My fun (but long-time ago) projects include an NLP tool to automatically insert Vietnamese accent marks; and a website for non-Vietnamese to learn Vietnamese online.

Sports is also one of my enduring hobbies. I used to play soccer and some martial arts. But recently, I mostly play table tennis.


Please connect with me on Twitter or via email at: peter AT this domain (peterhung.org)

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