The early-stage start-up game

The early-stage start-up game is not an idea game, but more often a focus game.

People doing start-ups are mostly brilliant, and oftentimes they have more than an ocean of ideas to try.

But trying all those ideas would definitely lead to death, b/c many of them actually don’t contribute to getting to product-market fit or a scalable business.

So in the early-stage, I would say it’s more about a focus game: focus on doing only the high-impact features, building the most essential pillars of the business.

Of course, it’s not about getting more sign-ups or more sales. It’s about conversions and scalability.

So “what” is often the question that would haunt the mind of the founders.

But in a small start-up, it’s not exactly about selecting the best thing, but the best thing that can be done, given the company’s resources.

A is a great idea, yes. B is probably not as great in theory, but let’s do B b/c it’s the best choice for the situation.

It looks like: argmax (thing-to-do) P(desired results | resources)

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