Our hidden world

2015 was a rather tumultuous and challenging year for me.  But since hardship and failures are necessary stepping stones of success, 2015 could have been seen as a year packed full of lessons.

As the year is closing and a new year 2016 is about to start, I’d like to share some important points that have significantly affected the way I look at the world in 2015.

Let’s start with Perspective

When someone says how one interprets things depend on one’s perspective, I used to take it as, in a nutshell, different situations bring different interpretations of the same event.

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Unlimit your beliefs

I’m 1.72 m high. And with that height comes a belief that I myself bought into: that my “natural” weight should be around 67 kg.

That’s a belief that I’ve held on to for years. And what has reinforced that belief is that I “normally” indeed weigh around 67 kg. Reality reinforces belief.

But in the past half-a-year or so, I got sick probably more often than a normal person would love to. And this morning, while exercising celebrating the end of a 2-week flu,  the idea of weighing 67 kg flashes in my mind.

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Being blind

Most of us are blind in certain areas of life: some are blind in music, some in Maths, some in philosophy.


Being blind means of course that we don’t know we’re blind.

What’s the cure?

I figure the only cure for this is the acceptance of our fallibility: that although we believe very much in our view, it’s possible that we are wrong.

Only when we haven’t closed the door may sunlight one day reach our mind.

(I always see the light, of course!)