Structure and Innovation in organizations

Structure and innovation are meant for different goals: structure to provide stability, or consistency, and innovation to shake up that very stability (to make it better)

In each and every organization, these 2 apparently conflicting goals must co-exist, for stability and innovation are the 2 essential pillars that every one must have.

But the implementation of these two goals are so difficult that oftentimes the resulting reality becomes massive layers of bureaucracy hindering, or in many places inhibiting, innovation.

And what we then have is a giant factory of people following process rigidly, probably w/o ever questioning the process itself. Without the attention and the desire for innovation, all of these actions lose its meaning and liveliness.

In a place well-organized for success, structure must create the basis for which innovation thrives: there are people who works on the stability, so that other people can work on the innovation.

And in turn, the innovation, when bearing fruits, comes back and provides the stability that the organization needs.

The cycle then repeats.


The cycles never bore anyone who understands it, because each cycle is different, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities.


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