A few thoughts on learning, responsibility and commitment

Up to recently, I only knew of one meaning of “learning”: that is to take in more knowledge, or to improve one’s existing knowledge.

So it’s mostly about information and knowledge. About what one knows.

But with time and more experience in management, communication and work in general, I realized that there’s another type of learning that is even more important for one to make progress in work and life.

And it’s not quite the above type of learning more knowledge.

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A few thoughts on the current phase of online learning

In this article from A16z, the author discussed the 3 phases in online learning in the US.

Here’s  a quick recap of the 3 phases, according to the authors:

Phase 1: MOOCs (Massive Online Open courses): referring to university-style courses such as those offered by Coursera, MIT Open courses, etc.

Phase 2: Built tools & resources that support in-person tutoring.
This phase includes softwares in 3 sub categories:

  • Learning management systems (LMS): for admin-related work
  • Pre-recorded content: such as YouTube, Khan Academy, Duolingo, etc.
    • In my opinions, we should have a new category to include self-study learning software such as Duolingo, ABC Mouse, etc. b/c their content are way more dynamic and customized than pre-recorded videos.
  • Tutoring & tutor-matching platforms: facilitating online tutoring & students-tutors matching. Exs include PhotoMath, Brainly, etc.

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2018: Quyết tâm “Mới” – nhưng có “Thật”?

Mỗi lần năm mới đến là lúc chúng ta lên lịch những quyết tâm mới, những “new year resolutions”. Và không phải là ngoại lệ, năm nay tôi cũng có những quyết tâm cho 2018.

Một trong những quyết tâm mới của tôi trong năm 2018 là blog nhiều hơn, cũng như chia sẻ thường xuyên hơn những thông tin ngắn trên tường Facebook của tôi.

(Tôi bị thuyết phục bởi quan điểm rằng việc viết thường xuyên có 2 điểm thật sự tốt. Một là viết ra những suy nghĩ của mình là một cách hay để  chia sẻ những thông tin, kiến thức có ích – và việc chia sẻ thông tin thoải mái và liên tục là cần thiết cho một xã hội phát triển. Và thứ hai, đây là một cơ hội để tôi tập diễn đạt những ý tưởng của mình một cách rành mạch và rõ ràng.)

Why not be more Awesome in 2018?

Có hai việc làm nền cho những ý tưởng của bài viết này. Một là khi tôi viết ra những quyết tâm mới cho 2018, tôi thấy có nhiều điểm trong danh sách đó đã từng nằm trong danh sách của 2017, 2016 và thậm chí là ở 2014!

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Our hidden world

2015 was a rather tumultuous and challenging year for me.  But since hardship and failures are necessary stepping stones of success, 2015 could have been seen as a year packed full of lessons.

As the year is closing and a new year 2016 is about to start, I’d like to share some important points that have significantly affected the way I look at the world in 2015.

Let’s start with Perspective

When someone says how one interprets things depend on one’s perspective, I used to take it as, in a nutshell, different situations bring different interpretations of the same event.

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Unlimit your beliefs

I’m 1.72 m high. And with that height comes a belief that I myself bought into: that my “natural” weight should be around 67 kg.

That’s a belief that I’ve held on to for years. And what has reinforced that belief is that I “normally” indeed weigh around 67 kg. Reality reinforces belief.

But in the past half-a-year or so, I got sick probably more often than a normal person would love to. And this morning, while exercising celebrating the end of a 2-week flu,  the idea of weighing 67 kg flashes in my mind.

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My new phone & Theory of Relativity in experience

I’ve just upgraded my 5-year old Android to an IPhone.

But don’t worry, this post is not about bragging how amazing my IPhone is  (though in fact it’s quite nice). Rather, it’s  about the lesson I learned when I needed to switch between my Android and my IPhone.

I’ve been using my Android (a Samsung) for almost 5 years. Recently, it got “a little” slow so I decided to upgrade to a new phone.

When I use my new IPhone, it’s pretty fast: installing new apps, browsing, switching tasks, etc. Everything is nice and in order. Some delight but no big surprise (given the hefty price of an IPhone).

Then, I needed to transfer some of my existing contacts on the Android to the IPhone.

And Oops!

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